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To get DNCTV on any of the ( Chinese Model) free To Air decoders 

Free To Air Decoders differ by make & names, The most important is to enter the parameters correctly Frequency, Symbol Rate, Polirization & FEC are similar for all decoders. 

Frequency 12862 , Polarisation V or Vertical , Symbol Rate 30000 FEC 2/3


DNCTV Settings For Philibao Decoder

Turn on your Philibao receiver.

Press the "Services" button on your remote.

Use the arrow buttons to choose the number 4, which points to "System Setup."

Use the arrow buttons to choose number 4 once again, which points to "Add Channels."

Enter "12.682" next to "Frequency."

Use the arrow buttons to toggle the following selections: Choose "V" for "Polarisation." Choose "30000" for "Symbol Rate." Choose "2/3" for "FEC."

Use the arrow buttons to choose "Find Channels." Your Philibao receiver will scan for new channels and add them to your list


Setting the Strong Decoder 

Press MENU



Then insert the frequency 12862 ,Choose "V" for "Polarisation." Choose "30000" for "Symbol Rate." Choose "2/3" for "FEC."

The lights on the decoder interface on the screen will turn GREEN after successfully inserting these frequency and other values.

On the remote control, you will see the Green, Red, White and Blue buttons;


Once the Green light turns on as above, then press the GREEN button to scan the decoder.


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