Apostle IN Sithole

Church History – History of Oasis of Life Family Church Daveyton

Apostle IN Sithole is the founder and President of the Oasis of Life Family Church in Ekurhuleni with its head office in Benoni Daveyton. Pastor Sithole (as he is popularly known) received his calling as a minister of the world and accepted his commission as an Apostle to love and care for God’s people

The Church Community Programme

1. Oasis of life Care and support Network for HIV/AIDS Programs

2. Oasis NOAH (Programme that care for Aids orphans from the community)

3. Oasis of Hope Hospice

4. Oasis Progress Initiative (Socio-economic development initiative)

5. Oasis of Life Theological College

These programmes and projects form part of the vision granted by god to the apostle. The Apostle has strong leadership qualities, a man integrity, a visionary and great administrator. He is a man who is compassionate and prefers to serve than be served and upholds ‘excellence’ as one of his values. His leadership of the Church established seven branches in Gauteng and one in Durban. He is currently fathering more than eleven none Oasis Churches. Through his inspiration, people from Daveyton contributed money to build an immaculate auditorium. The administration and leadership runs professionally and successfully because of his ability to allow and accept members contribution towards advancing his vision granted by God.

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