Prophetess Cindy Mabaso


Jehovah Reigns Worship Centre is a peculiar ministry, under the leadership of Prophetess Cindy. Peculiar because around this stalwart of God, shines brightly the light of the Master, that darkness either flees or is completely confounded. The Prophetess is sold out to God and her heart weeps when she looks at the state of the body of Christ in general.”It’s void of the real thing, the real love and deep compassion for the people of God” ….so she says


At Jehovah Reigns Worship Center "We strive to awaken the giant potential that is inherent in each person who desires to be the absolute best, just as Christ declared us so." Nothing less!

Under the Leadership of Prophetess Cindy Mabaso, Jehovah Reigns Ministries exists to preach the Gospel of Christ unreservedly to all corners of the World, remaining relevant to the needs of the Saints and the community. We subscribe to the leadership and authority of Apostle Kasaro of Jesus Calls Worship Center in Swaziland.

Jehovah Reigns is a Prophetic & Apostolic Ministry operating as a fivefold ministry (Eph 4:11). We provide for an environment of Worship; Prayer; Bible Teaching and Spiritual Growth. For" Men shall not live by bread alone --- but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.


      SUNDAYS                               TUESDAYS                                   FRIDAYS

09:90 – 13:00                18:00 – 20:00                      18:30 – 20:00   

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98 Indaba Lane, Johannesburg Ward 97, Mogale City
Roodepoort, Gauteng
Call 078 560 123